[13 Tips To Stay Safe And Cool In Hot Weather] Excessive heat is uncomfortable, but once the temperature breaks 90, it can also become dangerous. This applies to everyone, but especially small children, the elderly, and anyone who may already have health issues. Many cities will issue state of emergency warnings to let residents know that heat can be extremely dangerous, and even give assistance to those who may need it. 
We wanted to give you a full list of different ways you can stay cool, outside of simply turning on your air conditioning. 
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Now, here are a bunch of different ways you can keep yourself safe and comfortable, while also keeping your energy bills from going through the roof during a heatwave: 

1. Keep Your Body Temperature Down - This should be the most important focus of yours during a heat wave. It's important that you are comfortable, but staying safe should be the number one concern. Making sure you don't let your body temperature get out of control is essential to staying safe during a heat wave. If your body temperature rises too high, this is when your body can have an reaction and problems can occur. Every year people experience health issues during heat waves, and can even die. Keeping your body temperature down is the first and best way to keeping yourself safe!

2. Stay Hydrated - Drinking water and other hydrating beverages is one of the best ways to keep your body temperature down. Stay away from too many sugary, alcoholic, or caffeinated drinks. All of these drinks DEHYDRATE you, and even if they are cold, they will eventually lead you to feeling less than comfortable. Hydrating keeps your body from getting too hot too quick. A great tip is to drink a whole glass of water before you even leave the house. You may not be very thirsty at home, but if you are going to be out in the heat, that extra glass of water can keep you hydrated for longer, and slow the effects of the heat. You should still be drinking water and other liquids while you are out and about, but this is a good start to your activities in the heat!
3. Put Your Lotion In The Fridge - Keep lotions and sunscreen in the fridge. This will make your lotion much more soothing and cool when you apply it, while also helping it from getting too hot and losing it's proper consistency. Just don't accidentally put ranch dressing on your skin and sunblock on your sandwich!
4. Ice & Fan - Suppose you have a room in your home that doesn't get as cool as it should, or maybe you just want a little extra breeze while you are watching TV. Place a bowl of ice in front of a fan. This will blow cooler air throughout the room until all the ice melts. Then dump out the water and refill the bowl with ice! This is a cheap and easy way of providing a little extra cooling to a certain space. 
5. Close Your Blinds - Closing your blinds and keeping the sun out of your home will keep it several degrees cooler inside. Especially in rooms you aren't using, make sure the sun can't add a few unnecessary extra degrees. It's nice to have some sunlight shining into your home, but during a heat wave, it may not be as soothing as it usually is. Not only does this 

6.  Keep Your Pets Inside - Every now and then leaving your dog or cat outside to enjoy the warm weather is a treat, but at this time of the year, don't leave your pets outback, or let the cats walk around for a night. The hot pavement can burn their paws, and if they aren't used to this heat (which they likely aren't) it can be very dangerous for them. 
7. Use Cold Compresses on Pressure Points - Using a cold compress to cool yourself off is a very quick and effective way to bring your body temperature down. Placing a cold compress on your neck, wrists, head, feet, and ankles to cool your whole body off and make you feel better right away. Take a wet rag or sponge, put it in a plastic bag, and put that in the freezer for a few minutes. This will be able to cool you off without dripping everywhere. 
8. Run Your Appliances at Night - You have some appliances at home that give off heat whenever they are used. Your dishwasher, laundry dryer, and oven all increase the temperature in your home. Saving these chores for night when it's cooler, or maybe even ditching the oven and cooking on the grill outside are great ways to avoid bringing up the temperature at home. 
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9. Hang Out On The Lower Floors - Heat rises, and you can certainly feel it at the hottest times of the year. Bedrooms on the top floor can become pretty uncomfortably hot. Basements and lower levels usually stay the coolest, so hanging out there, and maybe even sleeping there can be an easy way to stay cool. 
10. Wear Cotton & Lighter Colors - Cotton is a lighter fabric than most, which is helpful when it's hot and humid. Darker colors also tend to absorb more heat too, so staying away from them is an easy way to stay cooler. 
11. Stay Out Of The Sun & Use Sunblock - This is a simple one! Staying out of the sun will help keep your body cooler, especially by avoiding a sunburn that will keep you feeling MUCH hotter. This means staying in the shade when possible, maybe even using an umbrella to keep the sun off of you. It's nice to grab a tan, but over-exposure to the sun will heat your body up, which can lead to dehydration and health concerns. 

12. Take a Dip - It's still the summertime and spending time outside can be nice, even if it is 90+ degrees! Take a dip in the pool, break out a sprinkler, or maybe get a fun attachment for your hose. Cooling yourself off outside is a good way to enjoy the heat, while also staying comfortable and safe. 

13. Check on Those In Need - If you have elderly family members or neighbors, give them a quick checkup. Let them know it's going to be hot, and to be careful. These vulnerable groups tend to have the hardest time with the heat, and the hardest time taking care of themselves during it. 

We hope everyone is enjoying the nicer weather, and makes sure to stay safe and comfortable during the hottest part of the summer. If you need help with your AC system, or any part of your home comfort, give us a call at 631-331-2102, or email us at info@a1homeair.com.